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Daraju Industries Limited is a Nigerian registered company, established in 1988 with its main focus on locally trading and manufacturing. A year later it was incorporated as a Limited Liability. Today Daraju has grown into a conglomerate conducting international trading beyond the African boarder. The company has expanded its operations with regional offices located in Onitsha and Kano for more effective distribution with its main office located in Lagos State, Nigeria. It is certified with the Standard Organization of Nigeria (NIS ISO 9001:2000).

Daraju is in the process of setting up operations in Cameroon and South Korea. Beyond Nigeria, Daraju already has offices set up in India, China, Ethiopia and Dubai. Despite the company’s international outlook, Daraju has remained true to its Nigerian origin, “Daraju” meaning most beautiful in Yoruba. This in itself signifies the company’s philosophy of giving a beautiful and healthy product to the Nigerian mass at a reasonable price.

Daraju produces a wide range of products from toothpastes to households with future entry into the food industry. The company began production with its MY-MY branded toothpaste focusing on national pride. “MY-MY” meaning “My country, My product”. With over 15 products available, the company is still expanding

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