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Daraju’s sustainability is about empowering our communities and ensuring that we improve the quality of life for Nigerians. Daraju achieves this goal through the provision of high-quality products and services, which are, manufactured in our state of the art and environmentally responsible factory as well as through our corporate social responsibility programs.

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Environmental Sustainability

Daraju is passionate about growing responsibly and as a result; we continue to work towards an environmentally sustainable goal for the future that includes:

  • Utilizing a 100% renewable energy source for our plants
  • Creating high quality products that improve the lives of our consumers

 This is an ongoing vision, which is growing everyday, and we believe it will take us some years to achieve. Daraju is committed to creating operations and systems that hold us accountable to this vision and helps us to impact the lives of our consumers for the better.

Daraju CSR

Daraju’s social responsibility is focused on providing education and entrepreneurial development for children and adults respectively. Our programs involve rebuilding derelict schools in impoverished communities as well as developing programs which focus on building grassroots entrepreneurs.



We are a proudly Nigerian company with a passion to enrich the lives of our consumers and in the process become one of Africa’s leading consumer products companies.
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We Are Proudly Nigerian


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